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No more single-use takeaway cups at our coffee bar as of 1 June!

Everyday tens of thousands of single-use takeaway cups end up in landfill in NZ; one cup of takeaway coffee per day equates to approximately 14kg of waste per person per year.

Here at Caffe Prima we have decided to no longer use disposable takeaway cups in our coffee bar because we think it is important to reduce waste where we can.

We wanted to let you all know that this will be the case as of 1 June, and outline some options:

  • You are welcome to bring your own reusable cup for your takeaway coffee (and enjoy 50 cents off each purchase)
  • We will be selling Caffe Prima reusable cups here – with a free first coffee thrown in to thank you for doing your bit (plus 50 cents off future purchases)
  • Otherwise you are most welcome to stay, have a chat and drink your coffee here.

These options are all good for the environment and your wallet!

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Home composting tips for Econic bags

Caffe Prima uses compostable Econic  bags to package its freshly roasted coffee. The films and adhesives used in the manufacture of Econic bags are certified compostable to the European Standard EN13432. This means that they will break down in good composting conditions (containing heat, moisture, oxygen, microbes and soil), and when they do, the quality of the compost is maintained.

As council services are not yet collecting compostable packaging, we wanted to provide you with information on how to optimise the home composting process for the econic bags.

The home compost breakdown can be much slower than commercial compost (where temperatures are maintained at 40°C and 60°C and the bags breakdown in approximately 16 weeks)  and will vary depending on environmental factors. Home compost with a temperature of 20-30°C will promote much quicker breakdown rates (approximately 35 weeks) than those at 2-5°C (breakdown can take up to two years).

Heat, moisture, oxygen, microbes and composting material (including soil) are all vital elements in ensuring the composting occurs. The following tips are to help enable effective composting rates:

  • Remove any stickers and the non-compostable vent label.
  • Fill the empty bas with food waste/soil/compost/coffee grinds as this helps the internal breakdown. Otherwise bags should be shredded or opened out flat to increase the surface area available for microbiological attack.
  • Ensure the bag is fully buried in the soil (this increases moisture around the bag).
  • Turn the compost each fortnight – this introduces more oxygen and raises the composting temperature. Make sure the bags are buried again once you have turned the compost.

For more information on setting up home composts:

Most council websites have information on how to set up active home compost, including information on how to get a good carbon to nitrogen ration, and what material not to put into composts.

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New coffee bar at our Woolston roastery!

We are excited to let you know we have opened a hole-in-the-wall coffee bar  at our roastery on 45 Garlands Road. You can try our blends and see the roastery in action through the port holes. We have different bean specials on offer as well.

Bring in your owon reusable cup and receive a 50cent discount or buy one of our ideal reusable cups for $5 and receive your first cup of coffee free. Come and pay us a visit, try some coffee, take a look and take some beans home.

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Colombian coffee collective – from plantation to cup!

In early October we had a visit from Mauricio Velasquez, Business Developer for the Colombian coffee collective Asprounion. This is a grouping of small-scale coffee growers from La Union in southern Colombia producing extremely high quality coffee beans. Asprounion was founded on Fair Trade principles in order to give the farmers the ability to control and benefit from every stage of the coffee process: from growing to processing to exporting (click here for a link to their website). As a result of the visit and sampling some of the delicious coffee, Caffe Prima is pleased to be teaming up with Asprounion to source beans directly from the farmers in La Union, Colombia. The coffee will be arriving soon, so keep an eye on our website for details.

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Caffe Prima wins a silver and bronze at 2015 NZ Coffee Awards

We are excited to announce that we have won a silver and a bronze at the 2015 NZ Coffee Awards! Our wonderful Fairtrade Verde blend won sliver in the Best Ethically Traded category, while Dash won bronze in the Supermarket Plunger category. Make sure you try these award-winning coffees.

Fairtrade Verde – purchase here

An earthy and dark roast with woody undertones, our Fairtrade Verde blend is for both the connoisseur and those seeking to expand their coffee experience. Boasting a medium body and long finish, Fairtrade Verde is blended from organic beans that are ethically sourced. The floral notes and honey overtones give it depth. This combination of premium beans will suit all coffee-making methods.

This blend also won bronze in the organic coffee category at the 2013 Huhtamaki Coffee Awards.

Dash – purchase here

This lively, well-rounded blend has a smooth body and a long lasting finish. Characterised by South American beans that offer brighter notes, this blend starts light on the palate and develops into a deeply satisfying full body. Complete with chocolate notes and subtle floral and almond aromas, this brews well as plunger coffee.

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We have moved!

We have moved to Unit 5, 45 Garlands Road – just round the corner from where we used to be in Woolston. Come and visit us at our new roastery, pick up some beans and buy a coffee (we have opened a wee hole-in-the-wall coffee bar).


Screenshot 2015-11-18 11.23.47

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Caffe Prima coffee in Canterbury supermarkets!

Look out for our 200gm and 500gm blends in supermarkets across Canterbury. Caffe Prima coffee is stocked at:

Merivale Fresh Choice

St Martins New World

Rolleston New World

Woolston New World

South City New World


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Roasters’ choice: Dash

The roasters would like to introduce you all to Dash – a lively, well-rounded blend with smooth chocolate notes. We are offering 25% off this until September – please use the code Dash15 at the cart stage in our ourline shop when purchasing this tasty brew.

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Warming mid-year offer on freshly roasted coffee!



We are almost halfway through the year and it’s cold. So it is the right time to offer a warming special on freshly roasted coffee. Purchase some of our home blends online using the coupon code mid-yearcoffeespec0406 and receive 20% off the purchase. In doing so, you go into the draw to win 30% off your online coffee purchases for a year!

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Caffe Prima takes out medals at Huhtamaki Coffee Awards

We are stoked to announce that we won two silvers and one bronze medal at the 2013 Huhtamaki Coffee Awards!

Our Diva blend won silver in the Flat White category, our Refresco/Verde blend won bronze in the Organic and our Blue Mountain won silver for the Supermarket Espresso category. Grab some of this award-winning coffee from our online store.


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Nomadic Sauna at Festival of Transitional Architecture

nomadicsaunabannerWe are proudly supporting the Nomadic Sauna project at the Festival of Transitional Architecture during Labour Weekend in Christchurch.

Where: 136 Manchester St (kindly hosted by Plant Gang’s Zen Garden).

When: Friday 25 October, Saturday 26 October and Sunday 27 October:  7-11 pm.

Make bookings for this free event at: info@festa.org.nz

Members of the public are invited to sit on the ground (covered with eucalyptus leaves) by the crackling fire and enjoy a Native American inspired sauna, right in the heart of the city.

The pine wood-structured, canvas-covered dome and pot-belly stove provide a unique space within an urban context.

The Nomadic Sauna is a portable sauna that can be easily put together and dismantled to sit on different sites. This piece of transitional architecture is best experienced from the inside, where the pot-belly fire gently glows and creates a dimly-lit atmosphere – one that offers a new social experience of downtown Christchurch.

The Nomadic Sauna is assembled on the first day of the festival and for three nights will host four 45-minute sauna sessions between 7 – 11pm, which start on the hour. Please book in advance. There is a space for changing and on-site bath as well.

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Free Gift with every Handpresso!

Buy a Handpresso Auto or Hybrid andreceive a free set of 2 x  unbreakable espresso cups (retail value $21.00) during the first weeks of the new year (until 18th of January).

Purchase a Handpresso Auto here

Purchase a Handpresso Hybrid here: http://www.caffeprima.co.nz/product/handpresso-hybrid/

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