It’s Fair Trade Fortnight!

Grab 2 x 500g bags of our Fairtrade blends for just $25 as part of our Fairtrade Fortnight promotion here!

Fairtrade Verde

An earthy and dark roast with woody undertones, our Fairtrade Verde blend is for both the connoisseur and those seeking to expand their coffee experience. Boasting a medium body and long finish, Fairtrade Verde is blended from organic beans that are ethically sourced. The floral notes and honey overtones give it depth. This combination of premium beans will suit all coffee-making methods.

This blend won silver in the Best Ethically Traded category at the 2015 New Zealand Coffee Awards and bronze in the Organic Coffee category at the 2013 Huhtamaki Coffee Awards.

Fairtrade Diva

A light to medium coffee with a crisp, well-balanced taste, Fairtrade Diva is a blend for any time of the day. Displaying a subtler body that our Verde blend, Faitrade Diva features a longer finish and is smooth on the palate with delicate, nutty chocolate notes. Ethically sourced, this organic version of our classic Diva blend is versatile in brewing methods and will make delicious coffee from your plunger, filter or espresso machines.

Sustainability | Caffe Prima 

Here at Caffe Prima, we are committed to minimising our carbon footprint and supporting ethical business practice. Not only are we a locally owned and operated business, but we are Fairtrade certified (No. 18245), are a member of the Sustainable Business Network and have also developed compostable bags for freshly roasted coffee.

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